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Radio frequency articles

It isn't just a hobby. It's a way of life! You can find articles here such as:
Measuring noise figure using Gain Method
-Constructing an X-Band power amplifier with FMM5061VF

...and many more

PipelineC brings HLS to non-Xilinx FPGAs

Those of you who have used HLS (High level synthesis) would know how powerful the thing is. For those of you having some experience working with hardware description languages would most likely be able to write good HLS code. This new method isn’t something where.

Reviewing NANOVNA

Reviewing NanoVNA is a major part of this blog. We test a lot of features that NanoVNA can offer.

Reviewing the new NanoVNA v2 (SAA-2)

The first version of NanoVNA became an instant hit for very obvious reasons. First, it was offering stunning performance. Second, a super low price which brought VNA into the hands of those who would have never thought of owning one. Third, the open source nature.

Home and Security

Home security plays an important role. In a way, this is separate from electronics. It has a more technical aspect on how to protect yourself from burglars. It is a branch of tech/electronics.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are better than surveillance on protecting owned assets. Learn how to install alarm systems on our blog.

Alarm system wiring – DYI – Paradox Wiring

The wiring process of an alarm system is the trickiest one. Everything else is easy, but wiring is what makes it hard. I was forced to learn to install alarm systems my own way and using guides as well. Alarm systems are necessary to prevent.

Wired Alarm System

Versus Wireless – Which is better? I am going to explain something about alarm systems. I mostly worked with Paradox alarm systems, so i am going to list all the components and everything you need to know about the difference between wired and wireless alarm systems.

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